With less than two minutes remaining and the United States men's basketball team up by four over Australia, Kyrie Irving kept the ball in his hands on the right side of the court, used a sidestep move on his defender, and sank a clutch three-pointer to seal the victory. 

It looked very familiar, no? Like, something two members of Team USA—Draymond Green and Klay Thompson—saw up close and personal in a very similar fashion just two months ago in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. 

Irving used a very, very similar move to give the Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA title and seal the biggest collapse in Finals history for the Golden State Warriors. Since then, the Warriors have made positive strides towards preventing themselves from repeating the same mistakes as last season by signing Kevin Durant. Still, a small part of them clearly hurts every time they watch or even think about Irving's shot, as evidenced by Green's Snapchat just hours after Team USA's 98-88 win. 

Over the last month, Green has been incredibly active on Snapchat, posting videos and photos from his experiences exploring Rio, giving us an inside look at some of the hilarious moments with his U.S. men's basketball teammates, and, of course, there was that one embarrassing picture. For better or worse, Draymond shares anything and everything with his followers and been incredibly honest, even when he's having horrible flashbacks from one of the worst moments in his life. 

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