Josh Norman is known for providing quality sound bites while speaking with reporters, but he really outdid himself during a series of recent interviews with ESPN The Mag for a cover story that appears in the latest issue of the magazine. The Mag trailed Norman as he traveled overseas to attend a soccer game in Paris and talked to him about a little bit of everything. From his current thoughts on his rival Odell Beckham Jr. to his opinions on his former team, the Panthers, Norman didn’t shy away from talking about any topic. And the result is a great feature that touches on all the different sides of the star cornerback and is chock full of excellent and, at times, controversial quotes.

Here are just a few of the quotes that came out of the interview…

On fighting with Odell Beckham Jr.: "Everybody saw what he was. People from around the league were coming up to me afterward and saying, 'He does that crap all the time.' He lost so much respect from people for that little tantrum. I’ve already got a couple people telling me, 'OK, I’ve got a hit out on him.' It’s going to be rough for him this year. And he brought it on himself. He’s skilled and talented. I won’t take that away from him. But he’s never been through any adversity in his life. It’s like, when are you ever going to grow up?"

On where he thinks he stands amongst NFL cornerbacks: "I’m the best cornerback on Earth."

On how "horrible" Roger Goodell is: "I get that he makes the owners money, but literally anyone could do that. A dog could. He’s a dog in a suit…Horrible. He’s straight horrible."

On the Redskins' team name: "Redskins is not offensive to me. I’m part Native American on both my mom’s and my dad’s side. It’s kind of a funny thing, though. A redskin playing for the Redskins."

On the Panthers not giving him the push he felt he deserved: "They kind of shunned me. They turned down a lot of stuff for me, interviews, sponsorship deals, stuff I didn’t even know about. They wanted it to be about the two main guys, Cam [Newton] and Luke [Kuechly]."

On Panthers fans burning his jersey after he signed with Washington: "Man, I don’t think I even really care. It is what it is. Those people weren’t even with me last year. It was only this year they loved me."

On lining up across from Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas in the Super Bowl: "I don't know what he was out there for. He was supposed to be an all-world guy, and I shut him down."

On Sam Bradford wanting more money from the Eagles in the offseason: "Have you ever once been one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league? Not that I remember—and you want more money? I can’t wait to play him twice a year."

On the NFL’s sometimes questionable officiating: "I think it’s the mob. I think the refs are in cahoots with the mob." (he was just kidding about this one—we think!)

You can check out Norman’s entire ESPN The Mag feature here. Outspoken doesn’t even begin to accurately describe this guy anymore.