Happy "Kobe Bryant Day"! On Wednesday, the city of Los Angeles celebrated the philanthropic work of the Black Mamba at City Hall. With his pregnant wife Vanessa, and two daughters by his side, Bryant received cheers, applause, and of course, the "Kobe" chant he heard for two decades inside The Forum and the Staples Center. 

Even though they were a day late, city counsel members still sang "Happy Birthday" to Bryant, who turned 38 Tuesday. 

Even diehard Clippers fan Clipper Darrell was in attendance to show his respect to one of the greatest players to ever rock the purple and gold. 

Eventually, Kobe got behind the podium to thank everyone for making this special day possible and crack a joke about his ill-fated rap career

He also discussed the conundrum that will be picking which number he wants to retire with. "I'll have to flip a coin," Bryant confessed, according to ESPN's Arash Markazi. All in all, it was an amazing day for anyone who has followed Kobe throughout his years with the Lakers. Surely, 8/24 will be a day that the Black Mamba will never, ever forget. 

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