For the last decade, Marshawn Lynch has spent his Augusts gearing up for the start of the NFL season in training camp. So now that he's retired, you would think that he would be spending this August doing anything but playing football. But as we told you on Thursday, Lynch has spent the last week in Australia helping his alma mater Cal prepare for their first game of the college football season against Hawaii, and he's even played a little rugby during his time Down Under.

In addition to doing all of that, Lynch has also taken part in autograph sessions in Australia. And during one in particular, a brave Patriots fan brought a New England shirt for Lynch to sign. It's unclear if the fan did it as a goof or just didn't know that it would be a bad idea to ask Lynch to sign the shirt of the team that beat his Seahawks in Super Bowl 49, but either way, Lynch had a pretty terrific response to it. He crossed out the Patriots logo and signed it "SEAHAWKS!!! BEAST MODE U BITCH."

Here's a closer look at the inscription:

Asking Lynch to sign a shirt like this seems like one of the dumbest things a person could do. Even though he's tried to downplay it, the final Seahawks' offensive possession of SB 49 against New England has to haunt him. But hey, it could have been worse. At least the fan didn't ask him to sign one of these shirts, right?

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