WWE fans got their money's worth on Tuesday night's episode of Talking Smack, when retired wrestler and SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan and current Intercontinental Champion The Miz got into a heated argument that ended with Bryan walking off the set.

The back-and-forth began with Bryan saying that he didn't respect The Miz or the way he wrestled. "You wrestle like a coward," Bryan explained. "You wrestle like someone who's afraid to get hit." 

The Miz, understandably, took exception at being called a coward, and said that his style has allowed him to wrestle for a decade without injury—an obvious dig at Bryan, who retired earlier this year for medical reasons. 

"I don't get injured," The Miz said. "I am here each and every week." He then mentioned Bryan's promise to return to wrestling, which has not yet happened. 

"If they would let me come back, I would come back," Bryan protested.

"You would?" The Miz retorted. He then alluded to Bryan's early career on the independent wrestling circuit. "You love wrestling, right? Then why don't you quit and go to the bingo halls with your indie friends, huh?"

Bryan walked off after Miz said, "You're the one who calls me the coward, but you're the one who doesn't get in the WWE ring again."

Viewers of the segment speculated that the tension between the two men might have actually been real.