Say what you will about Dana White, but the UFC president is still capable of being a pretty cool guy who looks out for his fans. Prior to UFC 201, a fan on Twitter named David West complained about paying $175 to have a gigantic pole obstruct his view of the Octagon  

It was probably a shot-in-the-dark message from West, but in between posting photos from the event, Dana responded to his tweet 15 minutes later after it was sent out. 

Eventually, West got what he called some "bad ass seats," thanks to White.  

So, what was the view from David's new seat? 

Not bad. Those new seats were incredibly clutch once the main event rolled around because David got a great look at Tyron Woodley making quick work of Robbie Lawler and coming away with the UFC Welterweight Championship title. After lucking out with a great seat upgrade, what's next for David? 

Sounds good. 

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