The craziest time on the baseball calendar is a whole lot of fun for fans—but mostly hell for the players, managers, executives, and journalists just trying to survive it.

The trade deadline will officially arrive at 4 p.m. ET Monday, marking an end to a wild week, month and maybe even season for everybody in and around MLB, from the players rumored to be on the block to the managers trying to massage their egos, from the executives looking to make the best deal possible to the journalists trying break a big scoop.

"Everybody knows what it is. It’s a business. It sucks," Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who was traded from the Indians to the Brewers in a highly publicized deal back in July of 2008, tells Complex. 

But it's also produced a ton of great stories. Like that time Cliff Floyd refused to call his wife to tell her he'd been traded again after he was promised he wasn't going anywhere. Or when Ryan Dempster learned he was about to be traded from an assistant clubhouse manager. Or how breaking news at 6 a.m. after only three hours of sleep is business as usual for Ken Rosenthal. Here our some of our favorite crazy trade deadline stories, straight from the mouths of the players and reporters who lived them.