Here's an exercise that you and your workout partner should toss in to your ab routine next time you stop by the gym. In preparation for the headlining match of UFC 202, Conor McGregor held what appears to be an open workout showing him crunching up his midsection before his trainer superset it with several blows to the stomach, à la many a Muay Thai fighter, Harry Houdini, and a number of jamokes lacking foresight before him.

The abdominal punches come as McGregor is slated for his long awaited (that's if you consider five-and-a-half months "long awaited") UFC rematch with Nate Diaz, who made him submit back in March after having about two weeks to prepare for that fight.

Still, not surprisingly, McGregor's defeat has done little to humble the Irish fighter who has spent the past month or so generating hype for the bout by running his mouth about Diaz (which we understand) as well as WWE wrestlers (which we...don't really understand).

The McGregor-Diaz rematch was originally supposed to go down at July's UFC 200 but that all changed after McGregor failed to live up to his media obligations by no-showing a press conference intended to generate interest for it.

Anyways, it's doubtful that you've missed all the buzz that has been produced around the fight but, just in case, know that it will finally go down this upcoming Saturday, Aug. 20. Check it out if you want to see whether taking fists to his stomach helps him out or not.

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