Carmelo Anthony has joined Snapchat – presumably the effect of hanging around his younger teammates – and is using it in the best way. He’s using it to roast his friends.

RIP, Jimmy Butler. RIP, DeMarcus Cousins. RIP, DeAndre Jordan. You’re now all victims of the wrath of Uncle Carmelo.


The video starts with Melo introducing Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant as “my clown-ass Olympians right here.” When Jordan leans in with a beverage, Anthony calls him a “Jimi Hendrix in the face ass…”

The greatest roasts come next, though. Carmelo calls Boogie “Othello Harrington,” then he and Draymond ogle at Butler’s “disgusting” hair.

Got to love Carmelo. At 32, he’s the oldest player on this year’s Olympic roster – two years older than the next-oldest, Kyle Lowry – and he’s won the gold at two Olympic Games before (2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London). So yeah, he’s probably not feeling any pressure.

Keep the snaps coming, Carmelo. If we’re lucky, we could have another Richard Jefferson on our hands.

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