Antonio Cromartie is dealing with a lot of family drama right now, which is probably what you would expect when you consider that Cromartie has 13 children by eight women.

But the most recent drama that the unemployed NFL cornerback is being forced to deal with doesn't involve any of his kids. It involves his mother. Cassandra Wilkerson is being evicted from her home at the moment, and according to a report released by TMZ Sports, she claims Cromartie is the reason she's being evicted. Cromartie claims otherwise—he told TMZ Sports that his mom has been responsible for paying the mortgage on her home since 2011—but the whole situation has turned into one big mess with Cromartie's mom going as far as to set up a GoFundMe page to try and make mortgage payments.

Cromartie's wife Terricka has had enough. She took to Instagram and used a since-deleted caption to air out some of her family's dirty laundry and to place the blame on her husband's mother for the situation she's in right now. She also went as far as to blame her for the number of kids he has due to the "lack of love" he experienced as a child. Here's the message Cromartie's wife posted on her IG account:

I swear I hate when people lie or try to tarnish my husbands character. What's worse is when is that person happens to be your mother. When does the Extortion end. Why allow his credit to be ruined and leave a house unpaid and he has to find out from the bank. Please be honest. Please tell the world about your 60k dollar car insurance claim that you just received. please tell them about the New house you closed on Months ago.. Please explain to them that you and your husband together make a combined income of 10k a month but insist on extorting money from my husband and now a Go Fund me account claiming you need 100k. money really is the root of all evil. You can dislike me his wife as much as you want but look at what you are doing to your child. This is why my husband prolly fathered so many kids because the lack of love from you. Sorry not sorry... I love my husband and I'm done with the Bullshit. I'm not going anywhere deal with it.. Welcome to being a NFL Wife the mothers always hate you because their sons love you. Who does this to their Child. He's already paid 40k to save you out of a foreclosure B4 I could careless what anyone thinks my Job is to make sure all our children have a future, all 13 of them.. 😘

That should be the end of this, but something tells us there's, unfortunately, more to come. In the meantime, Cromartie is actively searching for an NFL job and, as recently as Monday, he told the NFL Network that he thinks "something is going to happen for me soon."