Scandal: Alleged corruption, alleged sexual exploitation
Status: WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 1995

The Fabulous Moolah is one of the most celebrated female wrestlers of all time, and is touted by WWE as their greatest champion, having held the women’s title for longer than anyone else in the company’s history. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. In her latter days with WWE, she was well-known for doing comedy bits with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young.

Moolah and her husband, Buddy Lee, ran a school for female wrestlers decades ago, and anecdotal accounts tell a dark story. For a time, Moolah took a black female wrestler named Sweet Georgia Brown under her wing, and in an article written for the Free Times, Brown’s children aired out a ton of dirty laundry. Among the allegations: Brown was raped and drugged on the road in an effort to control her. The article heavily implied that Moolah stiffed Brown’s family on their mother’s earnings. Moolah, in her defense, denied any wrongdoing. But former WWE wrestler and valet Luna Vachon corroborated that Moolah was a shady person. According to Vachon, when Vachon was sixteen years old, Moolah sent her to take pictures for an older male cardiologist. They were non-nude pictures, but still, the incident comes off as shady to say the least.