Didn’t people learn anything from the fireworks accident that Jason Pierre-Paul endured last summer, or the PSA that JPP put out last week showing how mangled his right hand looks today in light of the damage the fireworks accident did? Playing with fireworks might look like fun, but it can also alter your life in an instant if you're not careful.

Apparently, Nick Young hasn't learned that lesson, because TMZ Sports just unearthed a clip of him picking up a lit firework on Monday night and holding it up in the air. We don’t know what Young was expecting to happen next, but the firework went off while he was holding it. It doesn’t appear as though it caused any damage to his right hand, but he seemed startled when the firework went off and everyone around him screamed. Things could have gone terribly wrong for him—and it all would have been captured on camera for the whole word to see.

Young has endured his fair share of drama over the last few weeks. Between his breakup with Iggy Azalea and the reports about him getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant, his name has stayed in the news for all the wrong reasons. And this is just the latest example of that. Why he would risk his NBA career and, quite frankly, his hand for the sake of shooting off a firework is beyond us. Let’s hope he figures out a way to lay low for the rest of the summer.