While Kobe Bryant dragged his retirement out last season in the form of a farewell tour that saw opposing fan bases cheering for him every step of the way, Tim Duncan has stayed quiet when it’s come to the idea of him calling it quits. He hasn’t revealed whether or not he plans on walking away from the game of basketball anytime soon. But according to Yahoo! Sports, he could make an announcement about it sometime in the near future.

Early Monday afternoon, a short time after Kevin Durant announced that he will be taking his talents to the Warriors, Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski revealed Duncan is "leaning strongly" toward retiring. Wojnarowski is reporting that Duncan has indicated his desire to retire soon while speaking with Spurs team officials and close friends. He hasn’t said anything definitively, but Twitter is already reacting to the news. It seems this coupled with the KD announcement is too much for some NBA fans to take:

If Duncan does retire, though, it sounds like the Spurs have already found a worthy replacement for him:

Duncan has racked up five NBA titles, three NBA Finals MVP trophies, and two NBA MVP trophies during his career while averaging 19 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.