For many professional athletes, there is no higher peak than winning it all. The Mets reached it in dramatic fashion in 1986, capturing the franchise's second World Series crown over the Boston Red Sox and received one of the biggest ticker-tape parades in New York City history the very next day. But one of its brightest stars was chasing a different kind of high that day.  

Dwight Gooden was missing from the team’s ticker-tape parade down Manhattan's Canyon of Heroes. The Mets officially said at the time that Gooden was absent because he overslept, but in a story the former phenom has told on numerous occasions and he relayed again in the documentary, in reality the flamethrower was doing something far worse. Gooden admitted he was at his drug dealer’s pad on Long Island while the Mets’ parade was going on, watching his teammates celebrate on TV while getting high.



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