When it comes to motivational speeches, Ray Lewis never, ever, ever misses. Here's Exhibit A...through J. Over the weekend, Lewis added another work of art to his name when he spoke to high schoolers at the University of Miami's Paradise Camp.

Organized by Hurricanes new head coach Mark Richt, Paradise Camp is intended to bring together all undecided and committed recruits for a two-day retreat. The itinerary consists of everything from running drills to working on the fundamentals to appearances by guest speakers such as Lewis and Michael Irvin. Of course, Richt made the right decision by letting Ray close out the camp on Saturday with a speech. If those unsure kids didn't immediately commit to The U after hearing the former Ravens linebacker, we don't know what else would do the trick. 

"You can do whatever you want to do in life, but if the next level is the key, we breed them. That’s what we do," Lewis said. "This ain’t no sales pitch. One thing about it, we don’t sell people to come to The U. Either you’re for us, or you’re not…for life. This ain’t no one-time thing. This ain’t a ‘if I want to go’ or ‘I’m not sure I want to go,’ if you don’t, that’s alright. But if you do, it’s for life. It’s forever." 

So, Lewis claims he's not trying to sell anyone on joining The U, but we're already looking for ways to join the Hurricanes' program right now.