Gilbert Arenas has gone out of his way to get on Nick Young’s last nerve over the last few months. During an interview with TMZ Sports in April, he discussed Young’s bachelor party, just days after news about the D’Angelo Russell scandal broke. Then, after Iggy Azalea called off her engagement to Young in June, Arenas mocked him in a since-deleted Instagram post. And most recently, Arenas broke into Young’s house while he was inside, ambushed him with a bunch of questions about Iggy, tormented his son, and then put up videos of the incident on Snapchat.

On Thursday, Young got "even" with Arenas, and he didn’t really have to do much to do it. He didn’t make fun of Arenas in a lengthy social media post or run up in his house in the middle of the day and catch him off guard. Instead, he took a photo with Arenas’ ex Laura Govan, tagged him in the photo on Instagram, and captioned it with "we even lol":

If you haven’t kept up with the Arenas/Govan drama in recent years, they are not on good terms right now—Arenas sued Govan for defamation in 2015 and was awarded $3 million in June—so he probably won’t be all that happy with this photo. It might even force him to leave Young alone, and…oh, who are we kidding? This is Gilbert Arenas we’re talking about, so of course he has already issued a response to Young:

Smh. You asked for that, Swaggy.