Mike Conley signed an outlandish contract with the Memphis Grizzlies Friday: $153 million over five years. Read that one more time: one hundred and fifty-three million dollars

The NBA salary cap has increased by about $24 million over last season because of a massive TV rights deal. As a result, Conley, 28, and many other NBA free agents have absolutely flourished today.

Conley's deal stands out from the rest because it made history. It is the largest contract in NBA history, and Conley is now the highest-paid player in the league. Which begs the question: wait, Mike Conley?

He is a fine point guard, but he has never made an All-Star team. So if he garners $153 million, how much is Kevin Durant or LeBron James worth?

Naturally, Twitter was somewhat in disbelief.











We can almost definitely expect some shady tweets from envious players around the league.

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