If you have any faith left in humanity, here’s a good way to get rid of it once and for all: Go and read some of the comments that were left on this photo that Lisa Ann took with Ray Rice at a charity basketball event called Hoops in the Sun in New York City on Sunday:

Since Lisa Ann posted the photo on Monday, online trolls have left all kinds of horrible comments on her IG page. Some of the comments have been racist in nature and have been directed at Rice, while others have alluded to Lisa Ann’s former career as an adult film star. The trolls have left disgusting comments on this photo of Lisa Ann and J.R. Smith’s brother Chris, too:

And they’ve attacked this one as well:

Lisa Ann responded to the bullying she has endured when TMZ Sports caught up with her on Wednesday. After the TMZ Sports cameraman asked her about some of the speculation surrounding her and Rice—we’ll let you guess what that speculation involves—Lisa Ann went off on those who have left comments on her IG page and revealed that she has been subjected to a ridiculously high level of harassment online lately. According to her, she has had to block 1,000 people on IG since putting the Rice photo up, and that number would probably be higher if she hadn’t made an effort to stay off social media on Wednesday.

You can watch Lisa Ann go off on online trolls in the clip above. You can also read what she had to say below:

Let me just say something to the world right now. I did a celebrity charity event on Sunday in the Bronx at Orchard Beach for Hoops in the Sun. I was a coach. My team won. Ray Rice was not on my team, and my team won. Had he been on my team, he may have won. We met, we took a photo, that was it.

But I will tell you: I have been attacked by racists for the past 48 hours. I’m taking a no-social-media day, because I had to block over 1,000 people yesterday. I cannot believe the intensity of hate and racism directed at me because I did a charity event and I took pictures with people. Everybody needs to understand that just because I do something, I’m not always having sex, just because I did porn. Just like Ray Rice deserves a second chance in this world because he’s paid his price, he lost his opportunity, he’s no longer in the NFL, I deserve a second chance in life, too.

I did my job. I retired. I’ve moved on. I’m working really hard at something else, and I am constantly harassed, constantly disrespected, and constantly disregarded as a decent human being. And as for the racism end of it, I am distraught at where we are right now in this world and that people don’t have better things to do than harass other people and bully other people on social media.

Sadly, this probably won’t stop the trolls from invading Lisa Ann’s IG page. But it does shed more light on what some people are forced to deal with on a regular basis on social media.