If Lindsey Vonn liked J.J. Watt, she didn't make a secret of it during their red carpet interview together at this year's ESPYs. At one point, Hannah Storm asked Watt if he attended Vonn's pool party. "Unfortunately, I didn't make it," J.J. responded. "I had to do a commercial." Then, out of nowhere, Lindsey grabbed and pulled on the arm of the Houston Texans star defensive end. 

As J.J. tried to laugh it off, Storm switched gears and brought up his bout with recent injuries, and this is where things got real awkward. After crediting his training staff and teammates for helping him through his physical setbacks and capture his third Defensive Player of the Year award last season, Vonn chimed in, saying, "And lots of massages on the groin area." 

With Watt trying to play it cool and keep quiet, Hannah tried changing the subject a little bit, bringing up her history of injuries. However, Vonn just wanted to let the awkwardness sink in... on live TV. Lindsey threw some elbows to Watt's ribs, insinuating that she was busting his chops. But c'mon, Lindsey, you aren't low! We know what games you're trying to play here. 

After trying her best to literally reel Lindsey back into the conversation, Hannah was able to get the interview somewhat back on track. It was too little, too late, though. See, this is why you can't even afford to miss the ESPYs red carpet coverage. You never know what can happen.  

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