Contrary to what movies have led us to believe, sports legends don't just disappear into some sort of infinite mist after hanging up their cleats/sneakers/jock straps for the final time. Instead, most of them spend more than half their lives desperately looking for something to occupy the void that is left behind when they retire.

Enter Kobe Bryant, who has done his best to stay busy after ending his 20-year NBA career in April. Since taking off his Lakers jersey for the final time, Kobe has pulled pranks on Ellen, gone to Disneyland, offered to train Shaq's kid, and gotten slimed on Nickelodeon, all while staying connected to the NBA by texting with players like Draymond Green and Kyrie Irving throughout the NBA Playoffs. Oh, and he also got his wife pregnant. So yeah, like we said, busy, busy, busy (and apparently, getting busy...).

Kobe continued the trend earlier this week by taking a trip to a Ferrari factory in Italy. While there, he posed with a bunch of crazy rides and took a tour of the facility:

He also checked an item off his bucket list by climbing behind the wheel of a Ferrari F12tdf and taking it for a spin around a track. He posted a clip from his test drive on Instagram late Tuesday night:

Kobe was in Italy for the Mamba Mentality European Tour in an effort to continue building his brand across the Atlantic:

It wasn't Kobe's first time driving a Ferrari:

But it still looks like he had a lot of fun. And he proved he's not going to slow down anytime soon simply because he's retired.

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