It's Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown, NY, and the national pastime's Class of 2016 are legends Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr.

The induction to the Hall is what every baseball player imagines from their initial days of falling in love with the game, and asserting it as their professional craft. But the speech is what gives the lasting memory for the people and the crowd of MLB icons watching as they speak about their life in baseball from the podium.

Junior's speech was emotional and he spoke the usual of what you hear in Hall of Fame speeches. The inevitable rundown of his expressed to the fans, friend, relatives, but he also thanked all of his former teams the Mariners, Reds, and White Sox. But the moment we all wanted happened.

'The Kid" ended his speech by putting on his fitted cap backwards. Are we surprised? No. Nevertheless, it was pretty damn cool to see. This is the man who didn't start this trend in baseball (take a look at pictures of catchers behind home plate at the turn of the 20th century if you want proof). Although, he did make baseball marketable to the hip-hop generation during the '90s.

And just think that it was really an unintentional fashion statement that became the focal point of his iconic swag. And as for his Nike series of kicks, those cross trainers and cleats are just as influential on the sneaker industry as well. Congratulations, Junior.

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