Overcoming the devastating hand injury that he suffered last July during a fireworks accident wasn’t easy for Jason Pierre-Paul. He lost about 40 pounds while he was stuck in the hospital, and after several surgeries, the Giants defensive end also lost a portion of his right hand, including parts of three of his fingers. But during the latest episode of Complex’s "Get Sweaty" with Emily Oberg, JPP revealed he made a commitment to making a comeback to the football field as soon as he woke up after the accident.

"The day that it happened when I actually recovered from passing out: When I woke up, I asked the doctor if I’m able to play this year," he said. "Once he said, 'Yeah, you’ll be fine,' I said, 'Hey, let’s do whatever it takes.'"

JPP admitted there are some things he does differently in the gym as a result of his hand injury. But for the most part, he's still able to do everything he could do before his accident, despite his disfigured hand.

"I find ways around it," he said. "My trainer does a great job finding ways around it and getting my body how it needs to be for the season, so I’m actually doing good."

JPP was also asked which NFL quarterback he likes to sack the most. His response? Well, let’s just say that the Giants’ Week 1 opponent, the Cowboys, better watch out.

"Tony Romo, because it’s just something when you play the Dallas Cowboys," he said. "He’s a good quarterback…I’m looking forward to playing him in the first game back."

JPP also talks about his biggest superstition, his typical pregame routine, and the glove Under Armour is making for him to wear this season.

"They’re still in the process of making it," he said. "But I will have it for training camp."

Check out the entire episode in the clip above.