The countdown to the NFL season kick-off is just over one month away. Plenty of the league's stars will be under a microscope to see how they have been spending their offseason. And best believe Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be heavily under the watch of the media leading up to Week 1.

Romo showed up to camp on Saturday running with what looks to many like some extra pounds around his waist. To play the angel's advocate, it could just be that he's wearing a shirt under his jersey that makes him look a little hefty. Or here's another benefit of the doubt: he's not as rotund as this clip above seems. He also could have bulked up in the weight room throughout the spring and first half of summer. Also, maybe it's just a bad camera angle? Regardless, this all seems undeniably questionable for the captain of "American's Team" looking like he does.

As we all know, when the internet sees stuff like this from big name pro athletes, there's only room for the devil's advocate. And gluttony is cited by Twitter and the rest of the social media world today as Romo's favorite sin away from the field since last season.

Here's a glimpse of the lack of chill for Romo's added girth:

We're sure Jerry Jones will play it down, but we're all waiting for Tony's explanation on this.