If NBA free agency wasn't crazy enough—with Kevin Durant signing with the 73-win Golden State Warriors—things really turned up on Monday night when rumors started flying that Miami Heat free agent Dwyane Wade was on a private jet with LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. These rumors first originated when Joe Lull, a Cleveland media member, tweeted out a link to a flight tracker page, which showed a private jet route from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland. If you don't remember, Lull is the same person who first broke the news that Dan Gilbert had flown down to Miami to meet with LeBron in 2014.

Well, the craziness took over once again, and became really interesting when the Luxury Jets Group Twitter account tweeted, "Happy 4th @CavsDan @KingJames @DwyaneWade. Enjoy." Does this mean Wade actually took a trip to Cleveland with his old teammate LeBron and Gilbert? Who knows, but after doing a little digging, the Luxury Jets Group website shows the very same plane listed in their fleet that was featured on the flight tracker route. Of course, this could all be a coincidence, but with NBA free agency, you just never know.

Even with the rumors, it seems doubtful that Wade would leave Miami for Cleveland, especially since they don't have the room to pay the veteran shooting guard what he wants, which is apparently at least $20 million per season. However, this doesn't mean Wade won't consider other options, and as TNT's David Aldridge pointed out, Wade is on track to meet with the Milwaukee Bucks later this week. At the same time, there are also some cryptic tweets coming out of Miami, most notably from Heat beat writer Tim Reynolds. 

Making this whole thing more complicated is the fact that Wade was spotted in Spain early Monday via his own Snapchat, which makes it hard to believe that he would be in Cleveland so soon. Again though, with NBA free agency, you just never know. With the Warriors now reloaded, it looks like the rest of the NBA is really going all out.