DeAngelo Williams married his longtime girlfriend on Saturday, and both of them are diehard Walking Dead fans. As redundant as that sounds, it's true and in the most literal sense.

The Steelers running back and his bride planned their wedding theme to be based around the popular AMC zombie TV show. In the video above posted on Williams' Facebook page, all of the wedding's groomsmen and bridesmaids put on prosthetic zombie makeup with their tuxedos and beautiful dresses to be filmed and chase the couple through the banquet hall setting like they were in an actual episode of the show.

Williams explains his left-of-center idea for the wedding theme further as a romantic piano tune plays in the background: "I wanted to do engagement photos with us being chased by zombies, and we didn't have time because it was during the season." He added her response, "Well, how you gonna pull that off?"

Then the video transitions showing Williams getting prosthetic makeup put on him as well, and the music gets darker like The Walking Dead theme music. His newly wed wife, Risayln Williams, states, "He didn't really have to convince me. He really had to convince the bridesmaids." How could you blame them for putting up hundreds of dollars for a dress to wear on what's supposed to be the most memorable days of their best friend's life, and they have to look like they're in Michael Jackson's Thriller video for the wedding photos?

Anyway, love (and death) was in the air for the bride and groom. 'Til death do they part. Well, not exactly as zombies, so let's just say they'll stay together forever.