Soooooo…this whole Dwyane Wade-to-the-Cavaliers thing might actually happen, huh?

On Monday night, we told you all about how it appeared as though D-Wade was on a private jet with LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. On Tuesday morning, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst revealed that Wade had canceled some of the free agency meetings he had scheduled for this week:

Those two things suggest Wade might actually be considering leaving the Heat to sign with Cleveland, and now, there's one more piece of crucial evidence. It looks like the Cavs have followed both Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union on social media. The team is reportedly following them on Twitter:

And Instagram:

Wade has also reportedly followed the Cavs back on IG—and followed J.R. Smith as well:

Screengrabs here:

And even the Cleveland Indians have gotten in on the action and followed Wade:

Obviously, everyone is FREAKING OUT about all of this:

But we should remind you that this isn’t the first time these kinds of Wade/Cavs clues have crept up. Just last summer, we all went wild when Wade followed some random Cavs fans who Photoshopped a picture of him in a Cavs jersey. But this feels different, doesn’t it? #WadeWatch is in full effect!