Many of baseball’s biggest spectacles are ancient practices. Opening Day has been played since the 19th century, the World Series since 1903, and the All-Star Game since 1933.

However, the Home Run Derby serves as a more modern tradition. It was first played in 1985, but did not begin being nationally televised until 1993. It’s by far the youngest of baseball’s cornerstone events and is actually one of the only baseball events to experience a recent uptick in ratings. Last year’s derby was the most-watched since 2009—apparently chicks still dig the longball. The 31st installment of the derby will take place tonight in San Diego, and will feature sluggers like Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano, and last year’s winner, Todd Frazier.

Despite its status as a relative newcomer, it has produced many memories over the last two-plus decades of televised existence. Here are the Eight Best Home Run Derby Performances since 1993.


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