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Tonight will be one of the biggest nights of former North Carolina forward Brice Johnson's life – he's projected to be taken in the mid-to-late first round of the NBA Draft. While he is probably enjoying this glorious evening, however, the internet is roasting him for getting his hair cut today at Supercuts.

Huge thanks to @bjohnson_23 for making us part of your day—and good luck tonight! #NBADraft #Supercuts

— Supercuts (@Supercuts) June 23, 2016

Sponsorship tweets happen all the time. It's natural. This, however, is an odd pairing.

Shoutout to Alyssa and @Supercuts for getting me ready to go on draft day! #Supercuts #NBADraft #ad

— Brice Johnson (@bjohnson_23) June 23, 2016

It seems Johnson was quickly aware he was about to spend the night getting roasted.


— Brice Johnson (@bjohnson_23) June 23, 2016

His tweet blew up when ESPN's Bomani Jones saw it.


— El Flaco (@bomani_jones) June 23, 2016

couple days away from brice brushing backward.

— El Flaco (@bomani_jones) June 23, 2016

@bjohnson_23 @Supercuts he about to walk out like.....

— ll24kCratezll (@24kCrates) June 23, 2016

Man WTF Why TF She Linings You Up W/ A Comb? @Supercuts @bjohnson_23

— FATHER FIGURE (@NBAJAM64) June 23, 2016

@NBAJAM64 @Supercuts @bjohnson_23 "Damn. Yall really did fuck me up."

— Suns 82-0 (@31vis_) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones if that doesn't ruin draft stock i don't know what will

— Monte (@CBmaxamillion) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones when you already know the cut is trash, but you want that endorsement money

— FatherStretchMyBands (@tkj192) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones @bjohnson_23 @Supercuts D League Cuts

— Boko Harambe (@Bahbuto) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones I love how #ad is in the tweet, just to make sure ppl know he DOESN'T actually get his haircut at Supercuts

— Sean ♠️ (@Seanismoney) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones He got paid. You know he went to the barbershop right after.

— Quibián Salazar (@q_salazar) June 23, 2016

@Supercuts @bjohnson_23

— Ashley Ja'Terria (@All_N_Yo_Tweets) June 23, 2016

@DragonflyJonez supercuts does fades?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— DT3 (@dabigjoker) June 23, 2016

@bomani_jones this seems like a, "who's mans is this" moment

— undecided (@undecidedtd) June 23, 2016

@Supercuts @bjohnson_23

— Efrem (@Running_African) June 23, 2016

@Supercuts @bjohnson_23 Y'all some trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂ruining lives

— Celts (@ThatBoyHooks) June 23, 2016

@DragonflyJonez @Supercuts @bjohnson_23

Brice: Shout out to supercuts for getting  me right!

His Barber:

— Adam Farrish (@AdamFarrish) June 23, 2016

Johnson, a unanimous All-American this year, is a springy athlete with a soft touch around the basket, and he runs the floor well. He should be an impact player in the league. Keep your head up, Brice—and maybe, if you keep getting cut at Supercuts, just don't tweet about it anymore.

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