If you are one of the 19.2+ million people who follow the NFL on Twitter, you may've been surprised to learn that Roger Goodell died today. Well, funny story, turns out the account was hacked, and Goodell is still very much alive.

Laremy Tunsil, Cam Newton, and several others knows the feeling.

Including the one above, the hacker was able to fire off three obviously since-deleted tweets before the league regained control:

While the commissioner is probably unable to find the report of his own death "exciting," tons of people on Twitter found some humor in it and took their best guess at what the NFL's password is was. Most of them sucked, but a few were good sucked less. Here's those that sucked less:

For the record the supposed hacker said it was "olsen3culvercam88"

Whoever he is his account is currently suspended.

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