Tarvaris Jackson, a current NFL free agent QB who played for the Seattle Seahawks last season, has been arrested for allegedly pulling a loaded gun and threatening to kill his wife, according to WESH's Chris Hush. Jackson was reportedly intoxicated.

Arrest report: Tarvaris Jackson was intoxicated, loaded gun, pointed it at her, said "I'll kill you..." @WESH pic.twitter.com/7masmNDtNF

— Chris Hush (@ChrisHushWESH) June 24, 2016

Jackson was visiting family in Kissimmee, Fla., just south of Orlando. His children were reportedly asleep during the confrontation. A witness grabbed a hold of Jackson to stop him from shooting, according to the arrest report.

When Jackson pulled the gun, his wife said, "You better be accurate because you ain't accurate on the field." She grabbed an iron and kitchen knife to protect herself.

This is where former @Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson allegedly pulled the gun. Deputies also found weed in home @WESH pic.twitter.com/wQ8hgbLdiT

— Chris Hush (@ChrisHushWESH) June 24, 2016

Jackson, 33, has been in the NFL for nine years. He has played for the Seahawks, Vikings, and Bills, and hasn't started a game since 2011. In March, it was reported that the Seahawks wanted him back for this season.

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