Fan fights are nothing new, but what's going on at Euro 2016 has gotten utterly ridiculous and shockingly coordinated. Take the above video, for example. Prior to an England match in Marseille a couple of days ago, some Englishmen were the victims of a baseless attack that included bottles and all types of furniture being thrown in their direction.

The most unbelievable thing is that the previous example is one of the more tame instances of fan violence. That same day, Russia and England fans got involved in some of the most disturbing sights from the entire tournament. 

What starts off as a group of Englishmen taunting an opposing team's fan base leads to these horrific acts of retaliation. According to Deadspin, these attacks have been so calculated that French authorities have responded as if the English fans are the "aggressors rather than victims." 

English fans showing up somewhere en masse, French hooligans flying in and attacking them by throwing punches and bottles and glasses and chairs, and then dispersing before the cops get there, has been a common refrain. Once police arrive and the instigators have fled, angry English fans seem to feel like the police have treated them like aggressors rather than victims, which then starts up new skirmishes between fans and the cops.

The common yet unsettling visual of fan fights inside a stadium are still there, as well. 

These fan fights have reportedly led to UEFA threatening to eliminate countries from contention if their fans don't behave themselves. 

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