Shaquille O’Neal is good at a lot of things. Playing basketball? Yes. Making people laugh? Yes. Rapping? Eh, we would even say yes for that one. But spelling? Yeeeeeeeah, about that…

Early Wednesday morning, Shaq decided he was going to troll Steph Curry and the unanimous NBA MVP award he won in May, seeing as how Shaq is one of the only other NBA players to come close to being a unanimous MVP winner. So he put on a T-shirt that he had specially made for the occasion, took a photo, and posted it on Twitter:

And…wait. Does that shirt say what we think it says? Unaminous?

Everyone was understandably confused by Shaq’s shirt and responded to it accordingly:

Shaq's former teammate Grant Hill responded to the photo, too:

And even Mike Goldfarb, the producer of Shaq’s weekly “Shaqtin a Fool” segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA, called Shaq out for it:

So what gives? So far, Shaq hasn’t taken the photo down despite the response it has received. He also hasn’t explained why the word “unaminous” is spelled wrong on the shirt. So it could just be a clever marketing ploy on Shaq’s part as some have suggested:

Or it could be a sign that Shaq needs to fire whoever is in charge of spellchecking his T-shirts (he’s definitely got a guy for that, right?). Either way, one of the things Shaq does best is sell things to people, so he’s making a big mistake if he hasn’t started printing up a bunch of these shirts already. With #UNAMINOUS becoming a thing, they will fly off shelves.

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