Earlier this postseason, Nick Young called out "bandwagon" fans for being "sad" when it looked like the Golden State Warriors were going to get eliminated by the Thunder (yeah, about that...). He then followed that up by trolling Golden State's fan base with a subtweet saying things hadn't been the same since the team somehow got blown out by the Lakers back in March.

He continued with that Golden State shade tweeting Friday night by not-so-subtly talking about how Golden State's passing was irritating the hell out of him:

While he was almost certainly joking, social media is a place where the world selectively jumps down your throat for making jokes. Yesterday was no exception, and Swaggy P got trolled by fans predictably pointing out the obvious, mainly that he's watching while GS is still playing:

You get the point.

However one particular tweet, from website FanSided, drew a response from Young after tweeting that "Warriors basketball is not for everyone." That may or may not have been a reference to the 0.6 assists per game Young averaged this past season. Either way it led to this rebuttal:

Which was followed by this castigation of "2016" Golden State fans:

If you're a Warriors diehard who's stuck with the team through thick and thin Mark Jackson and Garry St. Jean, this may make your blood boil. Chalk it up to the price of success.

Also maybe Swaggy was watching the Jimmy Kimmel pregame?