When is Ronda Rousey going to get back into the Octagon again? That's the question that many UFC fans are asking right now, and her longtime rival Miesha Tate is wondering the same thing. Rousey has been unusually quiet in recent months, and while Dana White has already come out and said that Rousey will fight Tate at some point in the future, it doesn't sound like a definitive date has even been discussed yet, which is frustrating for Tate.

On Monday night, while hyping her UFC 200 fight against Rousey Amanda Nunes, Miesha Tate went on Conan and took a shot at Rousey. Tate said Rousey acted "pouty" after her one and only UFC loss to Holly Holm in November.

That's not all she said, either. Tate actually started her appearance off by telling Conan that she feels she's "at the best point of my career" while Rousey is "at the worst."

"I bring a level of confidence," Tate said. "I've been defeated before, but I've come back stronger for it. And I question whether she'll be able to do the same."

Tate then touched on the fact that Rousey hasn't fought again since losing to Holm. "It's like we've all had losses," she said. "You either get up and get back on the horse and come back stronger for it or you sit out for over a year."

Tate defeated Holm at UFC 196 in March to ruin any chance of an immediate Rousey/Holm rematch, but a Tate/Rousey matchup is just as intriguing because: A) Tate has the belt Rousey used to have, and B) Rousey has defeated Tate twice, both by submission, in the past. So we would guess a fight is going to happen, but it's still anyone's guess as to when it'll actually take place.