Yesterday, during UFC 199, we learned that Brock Lesnar will make a comeback during the promotion's 200th event, and also that Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor would headline UFC 202.

Additionally, this morning, we learned that a longtime MMA journalist had reportedly been banned "for life" by some thin-skinned suits in the UFC's front office for breaking some of that news.

That's a lot of drama taking place for the organization over the course of 24 hours.

However, during the actual headlining fight, Michael Bisping KO'd Luke Rockhold in the first round to win the UFC Middleweight Championship. 

Afterwards the two kept with the weekend theme of being overly dramatic outside the octagon, giving us an entertaining (and profanity-laden) exchange during their post-fight presser.

The source of the clash of words appears to have been perceived disrespect during the original post-fight handshake. Basically Bisping believes Rockhold was a sore loser after losing his belt, despite, by his own admission, being a sore winner about winning it. Bisping's version of events immediately post-match were as follows:

“He was out. I went over to talk to him afterwards, to say, ‘Well done.’ He didn’t have a clue where he was. I shook his hand and he was kind of a bit of an asshole afterwards to be honest. Even when I shook his hand he said, ‘I already shook your hand.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t be bitter, man. Don’t be bitter because I took your belt, Luke.’

"It was the easiest night of my life, easiest fight, easiest payday, thank you, Luke. ”

The two recalled those events in their presser:

After the press conference they continued their confrontation, with Bisping calling Rockhold a "fucking asshole," told him to "go fuck [himself]," then added a "motherfucker," a "c*cksucker," a "pussy," and a "f*ggot," all in a matter of like 20 seconds.

If there's a way to make a British accent less charming, that's probably the way to do it.

His barrage of insults came after Rockhold called him a "smug dick":

Seems like this upcoming week could be a busy one for the UFC's PR reps.