Mark Cuban is obviously a very rich guy. He’s not exactly Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates rich—Forbes estimates Cuban’s net worth to be about $3.2 billion, which is just a small fraction of Zuckerberg’s $35.7 billion or Gates’ $79.4 billion—but still. Cuban, the 527th richest man in the entire world, and his kids (and their kids…and their kids…and their kids…and their kids…and their kids…) won’t be hard up for cash anytime soon.

But despite the fact that Cuban is rich beyond most peoples’ wildest dreams, he’s always looking for new ways to make money. He’s one of the stars of Shark Tank, and if you watch the show, then you know that he’s constantly hunting for new products and services that will help increase his wealth. However, it doesn’t sound like Cuban has any interest in using the skyrocketing valuation of NBA teams to increase his personal net worth.

Cuban was a guest on Bill Simmons’ second episode of Any Given Wednesday on Wednesday night, and during a discussion about the valuations of NBA teams, Simmons asked Cuban if he would ever consider selling his franchise if he got an offer like the one Steve Ballmer made for the Clippers in 2014. What followed was an amazing exchange between Cuban and Simmons that proved just how rich Cuban really is. Here it is:

Simmons: Your team was valued at $1.4 billion. I’m pretty sure you’re turning down $1.4 billion.

Cuban: Oh yeah. I mean, I’m turning down anything. But yeah…

Simmons: You’re turning down anything?

Cuban: Yeah.

Simmons: Like, would you turn down $3 billion?

Cuban: Yeah.

Simmons: You’d down $3 billion?!

Cuban: Yeah. What do I need $3 billion for?

Wow. Malcolm Gladwell, who was also a guest on the show, had the best reaction to Cuban’s question. "I just want, at some point in my life, to say the words, 'What do I need $3 billion for?'" Gladwell said.

Don’t we all? You can watch Cuban talk about what it’s like to own an NBA team in the clip above.