There’s good news and bad news for Thunder fans on Friday. The good news? Lil B has finally agreed to lift the Based God Curse from Kevin Durant! The curse—which Lil B first put on KD in 2012has been lifted once before, but Lil B revealed that KD is still cursed back in early June. The bad news? If KD wants to have the curse lifted, Lil B said he needs to sign with the Knicks:

Wait, the Knicks? This news made New York rapper Cormega very happy:

But it confused us because Lil B is a Warriors fan, and the Warriors are reportedly one of the teams KD is considering signing with this summer. So shouldn’t Lil B use lifting the curse as an incentive to get KD to sign with Golden State instead of trying to talk him into signing with the Knicks?

We reached out to Lil B to ask him if his offer to lift KD's curse applies to the Warriors as well as the Knicks. And unfortunately for Warriors fans, it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

“Curse will not be so easy with the Warriors to be lifted,” Lil B said in a text to Complex on Friday morning. “This deal is for the NY Knicks only.”

Lil B also retweeted this tweet early Friday that seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t welcome KD to the Warriors until he “gets right” with the Based God:

Whatever the case, Knicks fans have been ecstatic about the idea of Lil B pushing KD to sign with the Knicks:

And if this doesn’t convince KD to take his talents to New York City, nothing will.