Since he returned to Cleveland from Miami in July 2014, the Cavaliers have done their best to conceal how much power LeBron actually wields within their organization. Tyronn Lue can attest to that as soon as he became the team's head coach. Plus, after David Blatt was fired in January, and LeBron denied to the media that he was never consulted on the decision to give Blatt the hatchet— while standing atop the Eastern Conference standings.

It's logical to think like Stephen A. Smith stated on ESPN's First Take that there is absolutely no way that nobody in the Cavs front office could tell when LeBron is unhappy with any situation.

Also, its unbelievable to hear, or read, the 4-time MVP, two-time world-champion, and head of the NBA Player's Union sell us that he's The King who sits as an equal Knight of the Roundtable with his teammates. Or his humility maintained by playing in shorter shorts this season as a sacrifice to help his team win. Whatever that's about.

According to ESPN NBA insider J.A. Adande, LeBron tried to pitch the media that he's one of the "lower guys on the totem pole" during an NBA Finals conference on Saturday.

Then he went further in his explanation by comparing himself, Lue, and team point man Kyrie Irving as a football unit.

LeBron means well by trying taking the spotlight off him and give credit to his comrades. But after he declared he's the best player in the world one year ago, there is no way we're buying he's still starting from the bottom. 

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