Kobe Bryant Still Can't Believe He Scored 60 Points in His Final Game

Kobe Bryant is still trying to make sense of the 60 points he scored in the final NBA game of his career.

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It's been more than a month now since Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points in the final game of his NBA career. And yet, that apparently hasn't been enough time for him to process his finale.

On Wednesday night, Kobe spoke at an event where he introduced Paul George as the cover athlete for NBA 2K17 (note: Bryant will be on the game's "Legend Edition" cover):

And while speaking at the event, he said he still has no idea "where the hell" those 60 points came from (the 50 shots he put up probably had something to do with it!):

Kobe also said he was glad his two daughters got to see him play a game like that since both of them are too young to remember his glory days:

Since his finale—an event so revered that some jamoke tried to sell "air" from it for $15K—Kobe has stayed busy with things other than basketball. He has made the media rounds, worked on an animated film based on his retirement poem, and even offered to tutor Shaq's son on the court. But it doesn't sound like his final NBA game is going to fade from his memory anytime soon.

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