Say what you want about the recent drama surrounding LeBron James and Draymond Green—"LeBron is such a $^%%&#!," "Draymond needs to chill," "It’s stupid that Draymond got suspended for calling LeBron a bitch," "The NBA is SOOO SOFT," etc.—but it’s been, in a word, entertaining. It’s been almost three days now since the Warriors beat the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the NBA Finals and people are still talking about the 30-second confrontation that LeBron and Draymond had towards the end of the game. There has been a never-ending line of hot takes about the incident, and with Draymond suspended for Game 5 as a result of it, those hot takes are going to keep on coming—especially if Golden State loses on Monday night and the series goes back to Cleveland.

The latest hot takes comes to us courtesy of Klay Thompson’s dad Mychal. Klay, of course, had something to say about LeBron over the weekend with regards to the way he handled the trash talk Draymond directed at him on Friday:

And Mychal took that comment and ran with it on his ESPN Radio show. He ripped LeBron for being “entitled” and let everyone know just how silly he thinks it is that Draymond has to serve a suspension. Here are some of his best quotes from the show, courtesy of Bay Area News Group reporter Diamond Leung:

Whether you agree with what Klay’s dad said or not (that last quote seems to be the one that's setting most people off), there’s no doubt this is going to make Game 5 even more exciting than it was already going to be. And we still have about six hours until tip off! Can you even imagine who else is going to chime in on this? *starts refreshing Twitter feed religiously*

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