Graduating High Schooler Honors Kirk Cousins' "You Like That?!" Moment in Epic Way

After coming back and defeating the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 4 last season, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins made an inspiring, yet hilarious statement that he'll probably never live down.

"You like that?! You like that?!" has been a social media sensation ever since Cousins said it. 

And one graduating high school senior went as far as to give Cousins some love by using "You Like That" for his yearbook quote. Cousins returned the love in this tweet to show the graduating senior how much he did indeed like that.

Langley told Complex why he picked the quote as the one that will forever sit beneath him in his final high school yearbook. "I had to," he said. "My family bleeds Redskins football, and anyway I could translate that, I would do it!"

Hey Joe, congratulations on graduating high school. "You like that" getting some shine again certainly isn't a bad send off. And Kirk, you don't have to ask, or, uhh, tell, us again how you feel about it.

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