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Now that everything is hunky-dory in Cleveland after they won their first title in over 50 years, Kevin Love is, well, feeling the love, from fans, and he's got plenty of it to give back. This is a complete 180-turn from the multitude of Cavaliers fans who counted him out on several occasions, including when he was speculated to leave Cleveland following his initial opt-out of his expiring contract for free agency last summer. Obviously, he decided to remain a Cavalier for the 2015-2016 season, and despite Cleveland's success as they sat atop the Eastern Conference standings for most of the regular season, many Cavs fans still felt that he wasn't playing up to his potential former MVP candidate-caliber self—essentially,  what's Love gotta do with it

With the public opinion of Love's contributions and injury leaning towards the negative, one man was there for his struggle after being written off by fans during this year's playoffs and NBA Finals was his teammate James Jones. Love wrote a lengthy Instagram post to "Champ," as Kevin calls him in the IG post, for supporting him through the hard times as a mentor who assured Love "don’t be afraid to be yourself” throughout his career and this past Playoffs.

Who better to listen to than Jones, who LeBron pointed out in his Cavaliers championship celebration speech as the only other person in the NBA besides himself—and as his teammate—to have reached six straight NBA Finals? Plus, we are sure LeBron's body language reads as "less disgusted" now with Kevin, too.