76ers' Joel Embiid Says He Drinks 3 or 4 Pitchers of Shirley Temples per Day

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid says he drinks "3 or 4" pitchers of Shirley Temples per day.

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Sixers center Joel Embiid has too much time on his hands. Since being the team's top draft pick in 2014, he's remained on the team's injured list and hasn't been able to produce. So in the meantime, he's apparently found much joy in consuming Shirley Temple drinks— and a lot of them daily.

During an interview with Vice, Embiid detailed how many pitchers (not glasses) of the non-alcoholic mixed drink he sips daily.

I usually drink three or four pitchers per day. Nobody really cares about the media. They’re gonna have something to say — 300 pounds or Shirley Temples. I’m just gonna let my game do the talking. I think some people are gonna be surprised, and I can’t wait to show off.

If you are unaware of what these drinks consist of, they're Sprite with a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry based in gelatin. They are generally great for a hot, sunny day. But three or four per day? That's a bit much. Then again, Embiid has a worthy case, or cases, to have on hand because it's always sunny in Philadelphia.

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