It seems like Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah may be bringing his talents to NYC, according to a new report from the Washington Post.

The article, published late Wednesday night, claims that "multiple sources" say Noah is expected to head to the New York Knicks once his free agency officially begins on July 7. It claims that he will earn around $18 million a year with his new team. 


Moving to the Knicks would put Noah back together with his former Chicago teammate Derrick Rose, who was traded to the Knicks earlier this month. Rose has been very public about his desire to be reunited with Noah, saying in a press conference on Friday that "he knows that I want to play with him."

Noah is coming off of an injury-plagued season, one in which he only played 29 games. This did not go unnoticed by sports fans paying attention to the news on Twitter.

If the deal happens, it would take up much of the $30 million the Knicks have to spend on free agents. According to ESPN, the team is looking to spend the remainder of the money to find a starting guard

The move, if confirmed, would mark a homecoming of sorts for Noah, who was born in New York City.