Michigan Wolverines football head coach arrived Sunday morning at a satellite camp on Old Dominion's campus in Virginia. Harbaugh showed up with a 76ers Allen Iverson jersey on. He had the jersey tucked into his khaki pants to make it look more business casual. Smooth. 

Plus, what better place to rock The Answer's classic jersey? After all, aren't we talking about practice

Jim Harbaugh loves to show the public that he follows today's hip-hop culture well. He tweeted a big-up to Detroit native Big Sean for hitting No. 1 with his Dark Sky Paradise album, led the crowd of University of Michigan students to sing the National Anthem at a Lil Dicky show during the school's Spring Weekend concert in April, and dabbed onstage while Migos performed there, too. It's also a great ploy to sign millennial recruits to his Michigan Wolverines football team.

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