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James Harrison has no love for Roger Goodell. He made that quite clear in 2011 when he told Men's Journal that "if that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it."

Harrison is still taking shots at Goodell in 2016. After it was reported that several high-profile NFL players, including Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, and Harrison, would be interviewed by the league as a result of their names being mentioned in an Al-Jazeera America documentary about PEDs in late 2015—the same one that caused Peyton Manning drama in December—Harrison responded by sending out a string of Instagram posts about a meeting the NFL has reportedly been trying to schedule with him for months.

First, the Steelers linebacker posted a letter he received from the NFL to show that the league has been trying to contact him about the PED allegations since January. He posted it alongside the caption "@nflcommish @nfl When you say 'jump,' I don't ask how high...I ask 'Why?'":

Harrison followed that IG post up with a pair of posts showing the NFL Players Association coming to his defense:

After he was done doing that, Harrison fired off this batch of social media screenshots and wondered if the NFL's "additional, credible evidence" was coming from anonymous Twitter accounts accusing him of using steroids:

And finally, Harrison let one final tongue-in-cheek IG post loose and said that he would agree to be interviewed about the documentary—if the NFL held the interview at his house with Goodell present:

Good luck getting Goodell to agree to that! At 38, Harrison doesn't have a lot of life left in his NFL career, but it's clear he's going to continue to take jabs at Goodell for as long as he can.