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During a press conference in Chicago on Monday, Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg talked about how excited he is to get the opportunity to coach Brook Lopez. “He’s a guy that will run to the rim every time,” he said. “He’s going to set screens and he’s going to be a forceful rim roller.”

And that’s all well and good except, uh, Hoiberg isn’t going to be coaching Brook Lopez next season. Instead, he’s going to be coaching Robin Lopez, Brook’s twin brother, who was acquired by the Bulls last week in a trade that sent Derrick Rose to the Knicks.

Obviously, Hoiberg just mixed up his Lopez brothers and said the wrong name. Full disclosure: We nearly did the same thing in our Rose-to-the-Knicks post, and other media members like CSN Chicago reporter Vincent Goodwill admitted to doing it, too, after seeing Hoiberg’s flub:

But did that stop Twitter from cracking on Hoiberg for saying Brook when he meant Robin? LOL. What do you think?

You’ve got about three months to get your Lopez brothers straight, coach!