Back in March, former NBA player Nate Robinson—who, most recently, played professional basketball and took part in a video interview that went viral in Israel—revealed that he wanted to become the first NBA player in 60 years to play in the NFL. Yes, he’s 32, and no, he’s not as athletic as he used to be. But at the time, Robinson said he was preparing to play pro football next season and hoping to get a look from an NFL team:

It seems he’s following through on his desire to try and play in the NFL, too. According to the Washington Post, Robinson tried out for the Seahawks on Monday. The Seahawks aren’t expected to sign him to a deal right now, but they could potentially bring him back for training camp this summer to see if he’s a good fit for their team.

Robinson played college football at the University of Washington and was a cornerback for the Huskies. He also played football in high school, so the idea of him playing for the Seahawks or some other NFL team isn’t that far-fetched. But it’s been more than a decade since he played football, and he’s at the age when most NFL players are either retired or thinking about retiring, so we wouldn’t get too excited about the idea of Robinson suiting up for an NFL team just yet. How great would it be if he did, though?