There was a point in time where a Dwight Howard free agent sweepstakes would have captured the collective attention of the basketball world. Say, the summer of 2013. This offseason, not so much.

After a brutal breakup in Orlando, a feud with Kobe Bryant in L.A. and then a drama-laden three years in Houston, Howard’s reputation around the league and amongst fans has taken a nosedive. 

Given how many people aren’t too fond of Howard, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of videos of people talking smack about him. There's the time Kevin Garnett barked at him before giving him a headbutt and whipping the ball at him. And the time Jon Hamm roasted him at the ESPYs. And the famous Stan Van Gundy interview where he did his best #TeaLizard impression with a Diet Pepsi. None surprising.

What is surprising, though, is how many times this kind of stuff was said TO HIS FACE.

There's something undeniably sad about the current state of Dwight Howard. He's gone from jovial class clown to the NBA's sad clown. Maybe another eight-figure contract will cheer him up, but some things—like dignity—can't be bought.

Before non-Shaq Superman signs on with a new team, we rounded up eight videos of Dwight Howard getting clowned to his face. Here's to hoping a solid 2016-17 season will put some RESPEK back on his name.