Cracking your cell phone screen is the worst, right? Whether it happens after you’ve have one too many on a Saturday night or when your phone slides off your nightstand after you try to hit snooze for the 10th time on Monday morning, dealing with a cracked screen never gets any easier. So with that in mind, it’s hard to blame Cowboys running back Darren McFadden for resorting to extreme measures in order to save his iPhone over Memorial Day Weekend. According to reports, he very nearly dropped his phone while he was at home before he was able to fall and save it from breaking.

It came at a cost, though. According to Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, McFadden—who is expected to compete with rookie Ezekiel Elliott for the Cowboys’ starting running back slot this summer—broke his elbow after he fell while trying to save his phone. He didn’t report the injury right away because he didn’t suspect anything was wrong. But after feeling pain in his arm for nearly two weeks, he finally told the Cowboys what happened and had to undergo surgery that will sideline him for about two months. Dallas Morning News writer Brandon George provided the painful details on Tuesday afternoon:

Ouch. On the bright side, McFadden won’t have to file an insurance claim for his iPhone. But between this and the $15 million lawsuit he filed against his former business partner in early June, he’s having a pretty crappy month.

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